PIOTRS LOG episode 1

PIOTRS LOG episode 1



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Some years ago a multinational crew of 16 men and women stole an oil tanker outside Nigeria. The ship was named “The Dark Norse”. Led by the mysterious “Kaptain 12”, they are hustling pirates around the world. They are playing a dangerous game…

Their story is told by one of the crewmembers, a Polish Able Seaman called Piotr386.

Now they have stolen 750 000 barrels of crude oil from a badass pirate-tycoon. What they don’t know is his sinister plan for this specific cargo…

Is this true? We have no idea. Is it fun? You bet!

PIOTRS LOG – Episode 1

The Dark Norse (English edition)
by Piotr386

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Documentary

Length: 29 837 words – 4 H

“Captivating and Highly Original” 
– Jon Michelet  (Author & master of sea adventures)

“I love this format: Serial books! Piotrs Log is a real pageturner”
– Ulrik I. Rolfsen (Author & creator of TV – serials)

Goodreads: Sometimes I buy books just because they look good and have a reasonable price…”

PIOTRS LOG 1 – Episode 1:
The Dark Norse

Thursday, January 20. 2011, 01:35 GMT +2
This is not a blog. This is a LOG.

Sunday, January 23. 2011, 00:17 GMT +2
I think it works now.
I will not know for sure. If you read this. YOU know. Kurwa. Have to go.

Saturday, February 5. 2011, 01:11 GMT +2
I am on a ship.
We are not allowed any communication. I HATE this. And I like this. If you ask me why. I must tell you my story.

Thursday, March 3. 2011, 21:05 GMT +2
If you ask the name of the ship. I cant tell you. If you ask me were we are. I wont tell you. This is a secret ship. All communication is controlled by the Kaptain. All we see is… Nothing. All we do is work. work. work.
I was tired of this. I made my own little program. Put it on the computer in the High Voltage room. Nobody go here. Program can send things to the internet. I will tell my friends/family I am alive. I regret going without saying anything. Goodbyes were not allowed. Everybody thinks we are dead. Kurwa. Chief is coming. I will be back.

Thursday, March 3. 2011, 23:54 GMT +2
We stole this ship. We stole it from the frajerow pirates who steal. Kaptain is a good man. His ideas good. We all support him. He is a viking. I can tell you that much. You ask why we stole a 80 000 dwt oil tanker? Easy. We just did it. We were tired of the rotten oil business. We were tired of everything. We were tired of the World. We saw so many things to do. We saw so many opportunities. We would be free.

Friday, March 4. 2011, 00:01 GMT +2
It is problem when I talk to you. Have to be careful.
Communication not allowed. Kaptain say they can find us. Only Kaptain can communicate. From the Communication Center. Com.Center very high-tech. I have no access to the kurwa Com.Center. I made my own little program. No one can trace. If he find out I will be dead.

Monday, March 14. 2011, 00:18 GMT +5
I am back. We have been working. I tell you what we do:
We steal from the people who steal.

I will tell you a story:
We were just off Malta. Kaptain heard of a Russian ship full of stolen oil. Kaptain has good intel. Very good. Oil was to be loaded to a Greek vessel. We came in the night. Nice night. Storm building up. First we fooled the kurwa Greeks. Chickens. We sent them a fake message: COAST GUARD AT AGREED DESTINATION. PLEASE COME TO NEW DESTINATION. They went to the new fake destination. We stayed at original meeting point. It was black night off Malta. Weather bad. Kaptain clever. Russian ship came. They think they loaded cargo to Greek ship. HA HA HA. We run off in the storm.

Is this possible you say. Of course. Everything black. Ship is black. Business black. Oil black. Night black. No working lights allowed. No communication allowed. Just meet in the night. Load oil from one ship to another. Sail away. Sell oil to international trader. No problem. Goodbye Russian fuckers. Ha ha ha.

Monday, March 14. 2011, 01:45 GMT +5
Kaptain respect me more than the other ABs. You know why? Because I am like him. I dont care to kiss asses. And I am half like him. Half Norwegian. Half Polak. I speak norsk. Why? I wanted to speak with my father. He is dead now. He was a chief engineer. He had another family. A Norwegian family.

Monday, March 14. 2011, 01:50 GMT +5
This ship is my family now. I like my new family.