PIOTRS LOG episode 6

PIOTRS LOG episode 6

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Some years ago a multinational crew of 16 men and women stole an oil tanker outside Nigeria. The ship was named “The Dark Norse”. Led by the mysterious “Kaptain 12”, they are hustling pirates around the world. They are playing a dangerous game…

Their story is told by one of the crewmembers, a Polish Able Seaman called Piotr386.

Is this true? We have no idea. Is it fun? You bet!

PIOTRS LOG – Episode 6
by Piotr386

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Documentary

Length: ––

“Captivating and Highly Original” 
– Jon Michelet  (Author & master of sea adventures)

“I love this format: Serial books! Piotrs Log is a real pageturner”
– Ulrik I. Rolfsen (Author & creator of TV-serials)

Details from this book will be announced.

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