PIOTRS LOG episode 2

PIOTRS LOG episode 2

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In EPISODE 2 the Dark Norse and it´s crew are involved in a covert international operation that gets out of hand. A whole paradise island is hijacked, and the situation is deadlocked until Kaptain 12 makes his move…

Is this true? We have no idea. Is it fun? You bet!

PIOTRS LOG – Episode 2

To the End of the World (English edition)
by Piotr386

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Documentary

Length: 30 585 words – 4 H reading

“Captivating and Highly Original” 
– Jon Michelet  (Author & master of sea adventures)

“I love this format: Serial books! Piotrs Log is a real pageturner”
– Ulrik I. Rolfsen (Author & creator of TV – serials)

PIOTRS LOG – Episode 2:
To the End of the World
A piracy alert has been raised by the Maritime Security Centre.
Date of alert : October 30, 2011
Alert type : Pirate Attack
Location: [735] INDIAN OCEAN 0610S 05110E Latitude : 0610S
Longitude : 05110E
Alert number 735 / 2011.
*** This vessel has been hijacked***
At 1002 UTC / 30 OCT 11 / a fishing vessel has been hijacked in position 0610S 05110E
While navigating in the region vessels are urged to operate at a heightened state of readiness, implement Self Protective (defensive) measures in accordance with Best Management. Merchant vessels are requested to report any suspicious activity to UKMTO Dubai.
Wednesday, October 19. 2011, 21:05 GMT +1
IT IS ME. PIOTR. I am BACK. Have you missed me? I am not at our ship. I am in Lagos. At internet cafe. I am feeling KUURWA good. We just finish mission. It was boring mission. Stressful and boring. We just moved some products from Angola to Nigeria.
Somebody is watching me.2
Wednesday, October 19. 2011, 21:35 GMT +1
I have told you many times. My LOG is not allowed. I can not write to you. If they find out. They will kill me.3
Wednesday, October 19. 2011, 22:01 GMT +1
Kaptain 12. Our genialny boss. He has been away for some days. It is not like him.
Official explanation: NEW BIZ.
You know what I think? IT IS FEELINGS. Sorry. I mean babe, girlfriend, woman. Kaptain is meeting a woman. We were not supposed to know. I know. Because I joined Kaptain to watch his back. On his order I went with him to kurwa luksury Hotel. I will not tell you name of hotel. It was by a small lagoon.
It was kuuurwa NICE. Not that we are not living nice. You know Uncle Bandit is Nigerian. You know why we call him Bandit? Because he is really a BIG TIME ban- dit. He used to run big bunkering business here in Nige- ria before he joined us.
He got us a private villa at the beach. I can not tell you where. His men are looking after DARK NORSE. Our ship is hidden.
We are doing good. Everybody needed some solid ground under their feet.
This time. I missed smell of land. I was so happy when I felt smell of plants. Damp hot rotten jungle plants. And burning wood. And hot sand. We were put ashore outside of Big City Lagos. On beach. Uncle Bandits boys trans- ported us from DARK NORSE to shore in two RIBs. Chief was shouting when he got sand under his feet.
It was dark night when we got there. To Uncle Bandits luksury safe house. We could see the lights from the vil- la. It had big pool with bamboo bar. And modern deck- chairs.
Everybody crashed around the crystal clean white-blue pool. We shouted:
A servant got us DRINKS.
Suddenly we saw how kurwa DIRTY we looked. In this nice clean white luxury we looked like SEA RATS.
We WERE sea rats.
We needed a break. Our Kaptain understood that. He needed one too.
We needed to be FREE. Free from work.
You are free? You ask me. You wonder why I can walk 3
around here in Lagos and not stay on the DARK NORSE. Well. We are always kurwa free. We can do what we want at sea. But we are not allowed to tell anybody about DARK NORSE missions. Not even our family. Our fam- ilys think we are dead.
So writing this LOG is not allowed. Kaptain 12 will kill me if he found out. But I have to do this. If I do NOT AND die. No one will know what really happened to me. I have been writing so much now. I can not stop. I want to keep this LOG. My log. Piotrs LOG.