ILDAHL-SERIEN 2 (Norwegian edition)

ILDAHL-SERIEN 2 (Norwegian edition)

Currently available in Norwegian


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Eirik Ildahl (b. 1957) has always written serials: cartoons, tv-serials, radio-serials and now a book-serial published on Dr. Spruce Books. Titles include: The Phantom, Donald Duck, James Bond, Hotel Cæsar, Knut Gribb and many more!

Ildahl has been a professional writer since 1981. He has written a wide variety of screenplays for Norwegian and international films, award winning cartoons, a novel and worked as a journalist. Eirik Ildahl has also been a board member of the Writers´ Guild of Norway and the Norwegian Film Institute.

Eirik Ildahl is currently developing multiple tv-serials for a Norwegian audience and a new extraordinary book-serial for Dr. Spruce Books. Eirik Ildahl´s books will be available in english soon!


(Norwegian edition)
by Eirik Ildahl

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Length: 77 949 words – ca. 6h reading

Currently available in Norwegian.